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Qilimanjaro wins NEOTEC grant from CDTI

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech is among the top 10 companies that have won the NEOTEC grant in 2021 from CDTI (The Centre for Development of Industrial Technology), with the project Coherent...

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Qilimanjaro at Quantum Matter and AQC Conference 2022

27 Jun 2022

This past week Qilimanjaro has been present at two conferences:  the Quantum...

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Qilimanjaro is 3 years old

13 Jun 2022

This past Saturday we celebrated Qilimanjaro’s 3rd anniversary in a great location,...

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Qilimanjaro presence at QuIC General Assembly with Co-Founder Victor Canivell

27 May 2022

One year after its online start, the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)...

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Qilimanjaro’s role in the construction of a Catalan Quantum ecosystem of quantum sciences and technologies

09 May 2022

The article published in the ARA journal on May 6 brings a...

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Qilimanjaro’s first achievements featured in ‘Disruptores + Inovadores’ section of El Español newspaper

22 Mar 2022

El Español article focuses on specific achievements of Qilimanjaro: the practical applications...

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Qilimanjaro at the APSphysics March Meeting 2022 in Chicago

21 Mar 2022

This year, Qilimanjaro was physically present at the APSphysics March Meeting in...

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Qilimanjaro featured in ABC article “Quantum revolution shakes the foundations of cybersecurity”

09 Mar 2022

The Quantum revolution threatens to break barriers of calculations as well as...

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Qilimanjaro participates for the second year at the Mobile World Congress-4YFN in Barcelona

04 Mar 2022

The Mobile World Congress 2022, which took place from February 28 to...

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Qilimanjaro featured as Top 5 Quantum Computing Startups to watch in 2022

27 Jan 2022

StartUs insights 2022 report on the Quantum Computing startups presents the top...

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ABC article on the CUCO project -the first major Spanish public-private collaboration with Qilimanjaro participation

24 Jan 2022

“Quantum Transformation finds the key of collaboration” is the title of the...

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Experience, Respect and Motivation in leading a tech Start-up-Victor Canvell interview in The Collider

20 Jan 2022

This month’s article from The Collider features an article with Victor Canivell,...

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ZEB Consulting Podcast Sound of Finance with Marta P. Estarellas

13 Jan 2022

Qilimanjaro is featured in the opening podcast of 2022 by ZEB Consulting...

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Qilimanjaro, technology partner in first major national quantum computing project for strategic industries

11 Jan 2022

The aim of the project is to generate knowledge related to quantum...

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2021 Qilimanjaro Year in Review

31 Dec 2021

2021 has been the year of building up Qilimanjaro, completing our development...

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Qilimanjaro wins NEOTEC grant from CDTI

29 Dec 2021

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech is among the top 10 companies that have won...

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Qilimanjaro at the annual High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing workshop(CINECA & CNR-IFN)

10 Dec 2021

Qilimanjaro will be present on 15-16th of December at the annual High...

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Qilimanjaro wins Senén Vilaró award 2021 for the most innovative spinoff company

01 Dec 2021

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech won the Senén Vilaró award for the most innovative...

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Inspirational Talk WIQD World-Marta P Estarellas

25 Nov 2021

Our Senior Quantum Engineer, Marta P Estarellas, has been invited to give...

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Qilimanjaro at Quantum2021 International Conference

17 Nov 2021

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. will participate this year at the first edition of...

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Qilimanjaro EPJ Quantum Technology article promoted to the Chinese audience

04 Nov 2021

Back in February 2021, Qilimanjaro published the article “Startup Qilimanjaro—towards a European...

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Qilimanjaro participation at Innovation Journey event

27 Oct 2021

Qilimanjaro joined the second edition of Innovation Journey, an event organized by...

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Qilimanjaro at the 2021 BIST Conference Quantum Technologies: Present and Future

25 Oct 2021

Qilimanjaro will participate at this year’s 2021 BIST Conference-Quantum Technologies: Present and...

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Qilimanjaro is a member of AMETIC

22 Oct 2021

Qilimanjaro becomes full member of AMETIC -Multisectorial Association of Information Technology, Communications and Electronics...

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Qilimanjaro at BNEW event

04 Oct 2021

Qilimanjaro is participating at the BNEW-Barcelona New Economy Week event taking place...

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Qilimanjaro one of the 4 Exponential Leaders at Exponential Day-Acció

29 Sep 2021

Qilimanjaro has been chosen as one of the four companies, Exponential Leaders...

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