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Qilimanjaro wins 4YFN Awards 2024

We are honored to announce our win as the best digital startup globally at the 4YFN Awards 2024. A big shoutout to Qilimanjaro’s CEO Marta P. Estarellas for presenting an...

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Meet our new CTO: Pol Forn-Díaz

We are thrilled to share that our co-founder Pol Forn-Díaz is now Qilimanjaro’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His extensive background in superconducting circuits and his groundbreaking research in flux qubits...

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Year in Review – 2023

Reflecting on a Transformative 2023 As we close the chapter on 2023, it is with great pride and excitement that we share the remarkable journey we’ve experienced together. This year...

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