We do analog quantum computing

We do quantum computing

Qilimanjaro brings practical applications of quantum computing to the market in a shorter timeframe than digital quantum computers, by using a different but complementary model of quantum computation: the analog model.


We create a coherent quantum annealer accessible via our cloud to run real-world applications such as optimisation tasks in the logistics, finance, and energy sector, among others, and quantum simulation of chemical and physical processes, very present in the materials and pharmaceutical research industries. We aim at providing our clients with a faster, more accurate and sustainable solution to their computing problems.


Our solutions

Quantum as a Service (QaaS)

Run your quantum algorithms on Qilimanjaro cloud service to access our quantum computers and emulators.

Quantum consulting services

Become quantum ready by receiving our algorithm expertise to prepare your current solutions for the quantum era.

Quantum lab commissioning

Build your own quantum lab with our supervision on the installation and training on the operation and maintenance of all the equipment.

Quantum ASIC

Co-develop analog app-specific integrated quantum chips (ASIC) tailored to your use-case.


We are a team of quantum experts

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