We do quantum computing

We do quantum computing

Are you quantum ready?_

We develop quantum computers to accelerate widespread availability of quantum advantage for real-world optimization and Machine Learning problems.

We offer quantum algorithm expertise for customers to leverage the growing set of quantum computing platforms as well as of specialized quantum simulator platforms.

This customer experience translates into key guidance for Qilimanjaro’s development of its high-quality superconducting qubit quantum computers, both gate-based and analog-based, with a special focus on its new generation of coherent analog quantum processors and a powerful and easy-to-use cloud access toolset.

Qilimanjaro then works with customers to develop targeted quantum algorithmic solutions to their hard-computational problems, leading to the development of Qilimanjaro’s software framework for algorithm and hardware co-design.

We build on the quantum expertise of our scientific founders with over fifty years of accumulated quantum experience and we leverage both the resources of IFAE’s state-of-the-art lab infrastructure, BSC’s leading high performance computing back-end as well as BSC and UB teams’ advanced algorithmic expertise.

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