Qilimanjaro’s role in the construction of a Catalan Quantum ecosystem of quantum sciences and technologies

The article published in the ARA journal on May 6 brings a focus on the creation of an ecosystem of quantum sciences and technologies supported by both universities and the industry. Therefore, on the one side, we have universities like University of Barcelona, Polytechnic University of Catalunya and Autonomous University of Barcelona that offer an increased number of subjects in this area and, on the other side, companies like Qilimanjaro that offer internships. 

These entities recognize the importance of education and training, key to attracting and encouraging new talent to pursue a career in the quantum area, for either software or the hardware side. Collaboration between universities and companies represents a collaboration in training and also a collaboration between research groups at universities and the ones developed in the industry.

Over the years, an ecosystem of quantum sciences and technologies has germinated in the city of Barcelona. And alongside universities, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Institute of High Energy Physics and ICFO have an important role in building the quantum ecosystem with experts and research that makes an impact at the European and global level.

The Master Degree in Quantum Sciences and Technologies, coordinated by University of Barcelona (UB) has a participation of professors from different institutions and researchers from ten companies and is an example of bringing this collaboration in building the pillars of the Catalan ecosystem of quantum sciences and technologies. It is a reality that even if the training and educational offer is increasing there are still missing the professionals in this area.

The new master degree has been very well seen by Catalan companies in the sector. “It is the perfect tool to connect students with the local ecosystem of research groups and companies, but also to attract foreign talent”, explains Artur Garcia, co-founder of Qilimanjaro. Qilimanjaro, in the process of expansion, represents the best solution added to the need for labor. “The entry of private companies into an environment that, until now, was basically driven by public academic institutions, has increased their competitiveness and ambition to move forward”, pointed Artur Garcia.

The Catalan ecosystem is flourishing and has already become an attractive destination for talents in the sector. This is the case of Ana Palacios, 24, studying her PhD with Qilimanjaro. After studying physics at the Complutense University of Madrid, she studied the Master’s Degree in Complex Systems Physics taught by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC) with the University of the Balearic Islands. 

She chose Barcelona: “The city is already a focus of development in computing and quantum technologies,”. In addition, there is a clear commitment to strengthen the ecosystem and Barcelona is always a place with great attractions to attract talent”, concludes Ana. 

Qilimanjaro is a young quantum computing company, 3 years old in April this year, but proud to prepare and grow alongside the  new talents as Ana Palacios. 

Read the article here (in catalan). 

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