Qilimanjaro at the 2021 BIST Conference Quantum Technologies: Present and Future

Qilimanjaro will participate at this year’s 2021 BIST Conference-Quantum Technologies: Present and Future on November 2-5 & 16, 2021.  Our team will take the stage on the 3rd of November on both of the Panel discussions. In the Panel: Quantum in Industry – Corporations and Spin-offs Developing Quantum Applications, Qilimanjaro will be represented by our Senior Quantum Engineer Marta P Estarellas with the talk: “Developing Coherent Quantum Annealers: from the lab to the industry”. Notably, she will be joined at the same panel by one of Qilimanjaro Advisors Rami Barends.

Marta P Estarellas, Senior Quantum Engineer Qilimanjaro.

In an earlier Panel, Quantum in Catalunia, our co-founders Pol Forn-Díaz, Chief Hardware Architect, and Artur Garcia Sáez, Chief Software Architect, will have a joint discussion in order to highlight the newest advancements in Computing.   

Pol Forn-Díaz, Chief Hardware Architect and co-founder of Qilimanjaro.
Artur Garcia Sáez, Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Qilimanjaro.

Besides the participation of the Qilimanjaro team, we also have the participation of a second advisor for Qilimanjaro, Jose Ignacio Latorre, in the satellite session: How to Communicate Complex Scientific Topics.

BIST-Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology is an institution with multidisciplinary research, with 7 research centers, one being IFAE-Institute for High Energy Physics, one of the institutes behind the creation of Qilimanjaro.

The annual BIST Conference brings together not only BIST members but also partners and international researchers. This year´s focus on Quantum technologies has attracted vast participation of the community and Qilimanjaro is proud to participate in these discussions.

Read the BIST newsletter here and watch a short summary video of the 3rd of November main event.

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