Qilimanjaro at Quantum2021 International Conference

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. will participate this year at the first edition of Quantum2021 International Conference (November 23-25) Computation, Materials & Technologies, taking place, in person, in Bilbao, Spain.

Our Senior Quantum Engineer, Ramiro Sagastizábal, has an invited talk “Quantum computing beyond the gate-based paradigm”, as a part of the Industrial forum at Quantum 2021. This talk will focus on the position and work Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. is developing in quantum computation space. The abstract presented for the conference advances the main ideas of Qilimanjaro developing road:

“The progress of technological capabilities has enabled recent efforts into practical realizations of quantum computation. The quest of marketable applications faces the challenge of error correction, or mitigation, while pursued within the gate-based paradigm. At Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech we pursue a platform with faster time-to-market expectations. We do this by exploiting adiabatic and diabatic approaches, which are likely to be more forgiving in terms of the impact of errors.”

Qilimanjaro is also proud to participate to the Quantum 2021 International conference in the role of sponsor of the conference. Quantum2021 has the goal to bring together some of the main players and projects for quantum development and foster new collaborations and advancements in the field. We support this first edition and hope to be the beginning of many encounters where Qilimanjaro will bring a permanent contribution and collaboration.

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