First theory-experiment paper, now published, with Qilimanjaro affiliation!

The paper “One qubit as a universal approximant” has been published on July 2, 2021 in the journal Physical Review A, highlighting the collaboration between theory and experiment, which defines Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech as a spin-off startup of three centers of research. The authors of the paper are Qilimanjaro´s Co-founder and chief science officer Jose Ignacio Latorre; Pol Forn-Díaz, Quantum Computing Technology group at IFAE and Co-Founder & Chief Hardware Architect for Qilimanjaro; Artur Garcia Sáez, Quantic group at BSC and Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect for Qilimanjaro, and their two PhD students David López-Núñez and Adrián Pérez-Salinas.

The research centers on “A single-qubit circuit can approximate any bounded complex function stored in the degrees of freedom defining its quantum gates. The single-qubit approximant presented in this work is operated through a series of gates that take as their parametrization the independent variable of the target function and an additional set of adjustable parameters.”

Read the full abstract and article here.

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