Qilimanjaro EPJ Quantum Technology article promoted to the Chinese audience

Back in February 2021, Qilimanjaro published the article “Startup Qilimanjaro—towards a European full-stack coherent quantum annealer platform”  in the special issue “Quantum Industry” of the European Physics Journal Quantum Technology, 8.

This November 2021, the EPJ Quantum Technology promoted our article, alongside other selected articles from the Special Issue to the Chinese audience. Qilimanjaro, presented as a full-stack quantum computing spin-off, is working towards serving both industry and academic purposes while offering algorithmic development services and access to a new coherent quantum annealer platform.

 Qilimanjaro’s strategy as a full-stack solution is described as achieving quantum computing market readiness through quantum annealers, which don’t need complex error correction and represents an innovative architecture that promotes connectivity and greatly increases coherence. This solution is combined with Quantum-as-a-Service software and simplifies the application of quantum computers in industry workflows.

Our favorite quote from the promotion piece is “Qilimanjaro’s solution provides a mature quantum computer which can deliver true quantum business value”.

You can find and read Qilimanjaro article and other selected articles from the special issue here.

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