We are proud of having an international and multidisciplinary team that makes Qilimanjaro a source of not only science and technology, but also of great talent.

Our people have the opportunity to work in a cutting edge and motivational environment.

Meet the team_

Extensive CEO & Board Chair experience of high tech startups

Senior Executive and VicePresident roles at Hewlett Packard, SGI, 3Com and PerkinElmer

PhD Physics at UB and MBA at ESADE

Víctor Canivell
Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Group Leader, Quantum Computing Technology group at IFAE

Experimental physics, expert in superconducting qubits

PhD Physics - TU Delft MIT, Caltech and IQC Waterloo

Pol Forn-Díaz
Co-Founder & Chief Hardware Architect

Group Leader, QUANTIC group at BSC

Theoretical physics, expert in quantum algorithms, ML

PhD Physics at ICFO UNY/Stony Brook

Artur Garcia Sáez
Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect

M&A advisor in domestic and international deals

Founder of ArsCorporate and Ars.Legal


Jordi Blasco
Co-Founder & Chief Financial & Legal Officer

Former Communications Officer and Data Analyst in scientific and non-scientific institutions

MSc in Science Communication - UPF

BSc in Physics - UB

Alícia Labián
Project & Comms Manager

Quantum Engineer with focus on hardware and control

Final year PhD in Quantum Computing - TU Delft

MSc in Physics

Ramiro Sagastizábal
Senior Quantum Engineer

Theoretical physicist and computer engineer, with a focus on quantum computer architectures and compilation methods

PhD Physics - University of York (UK) National Institute of Informatics (Japan)


Marta P Estarellas
Senior Quantum Engineer

Senior Software Lead and Consulting Manager in digital identity, blockchain, Big Data and Data Science

Postgraduate in Quantum Engineering - UPC MBA - ESADE & Stern NYU

BSc in Computer Science - UPC

Albert Solana
Senior Quantum Engineer

Associate professor at UAB

Former RF/MW R&D product engineer at IDNEO technologies

Msc in Telecommunications - UAB

BSc Telecommunication electronics - UAB

David Eslava
Quantum Engineer

MSc in Condensed Matter Physics - Ocean University of China

BSc in Applied Physics - China University of Petroleum

Yifei Chen
Quantum Engineer

Former Test Engineer at Facebook & Apple

MSc in Physics - III-V Materials Photovoltaics Research - UCC

BSc in Physics - UCC

David Quinn
Quantum Engineer

Technology consulting analyst at Accenture

MSc in Artificial Intelligence - UPC/UB/URV

BSc in Physics Engineering - UPC

Jordi Riu
Quantum Engineer

MSc in Physics of Complex Systems - IFISC-UIB

BSc in Physics - UCM

Ana Palacios
Quantum Engineer

Former Machine Learning Scientist at dida Datenschmiede, Berlin

MSc - C.v.O. - FU Berlin

BSc in Physics - University of Oldenburg

Matthias Werner
Quantum Engineer

Former Software Engineer at Quside, Barcelona

MSc in Photonics - UAB, UB, UPC & ICFO

BSc in Physics - UAB

Joel Pérez Díaz
Quantum Engineer

Meet our advisors_

We are international_

Our team joins us from all over the globe to bring us their quantum expertise.

We are international_

Our team joins us from all over the globe to bring us their quantum expertise.

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