Qilimanjaro’s state-of-the art services and solutions address the strategic needs for  timely and affordable quantum readiness

Full-stack Gate-Based platforms & Analog Quantum Processors_

The Qilimanjaro team focusses on superconducting qubit architectures, with expertise in both gate-based and analog quantum processors. Specifically, the co-design of the hardware and algorithm components is key, so as to best optimize the implementation of specific computing problems. This allows better benchmarking performances and scaling analysis with problem size, paving the path to a true quantum advantage.

Presently, Qilimanjaro offers gate-based quantum computing technology delivery services, based on the team’s expertise and current client projects.

Next, it is developing a novel analog quantum processor platform based on superconducting flux qubits of the highest quality, exhibiting long coherent times and high efficiency state readout to address complex optimization and simulation problems relevant for the society.

Our circuits are based on the matured, aluminum-based superconducting quantum circuit technology that is widely spread in academia and in the quantum computing industry. An analog quantum processor platform allows running computations as a coherent quantum annealer with reduced noise, yielding faster annealing times and higher success rates.

The Qilimanjaro analog quantum processors address important quantum hardware challenges, such as qubit coherence, qubit connectivity, and qubit-qubit couplers, that lead to a truly scalable technology.

Quantum algorithms_

Qilimanjaro develops quantum algorithms unifying the different algorithmic solutions that are advantageous to our clients. Application-specific superconducting-based platforms can be co-designed with several types of algorithms and methods to offer best performance. Our approach combines gate-based algorithms, analog quantum simulation, quantum machine learning and variational methods in the pursuit of finding the most efficient and accurate solution to a given problem.

Hybrid algorithms exploit this collaboration between technologies to solve hard problems and their associated industry use-cases.

Low-noise easy-to-use quantum computing platform_

One of Qilimanjaro’s main aspirations is to bring quantum computation closer to the user. To this end we are developing a cloud Quantum as a Service (QaaS) infrastructure that will allow our customers to run and test their algorithms in our devices via an online service. To ease the interaction between the user and the device we have developed an entire quantum operative system that will allow the user, through an agnostic to hardware and high-level representation, to run computations both in our quantum computers as well as in our high-performance classical simulators.

This approach reduces the design charge on the user side, allowing widespread usage of quantum computers.

Quantum algorithms_

Qilimanjaro develops Quantum algorithms intended to solve real world problems. Solutions to hard classical and Quantum problems are found with small size Quantum computers assisted by classical computation, a setting coined hybrid Quantum computation.

Algorithms exploit this collaboration between technologies to solve optimization problems mathematically formulated by an objective function.