Meet our new CTO: Pol Forn-Díaz

We are thrilled to share that our co-founder Pol Forn-Díaz is now Qilimanjaro’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His extensive background in superconducting circuits and his groundbreaking research in flux qubits and analog quantum computing made him the perfect choice for this role.

Pol Forn-Díaz is an experimental physicist who loves diving into the world of quantum tech. He’s been all over the map, from quantum computation and simulation to exploring the nuances of light-matter interactions and particle detection. Pol is a pro in coupling various quantum systems to electromagnetic field modes in superconducting microwave circuits.

Back in his PhD days at TU Delft,  Pol developed superconducting quantum circuits for quantum information processing. Picture this, he studied how a microwave photon jumps back and forth between a superconducting resonator and a fake atom made of superconducting material. Seriously mind-blowing stuff!

Later on at Caltech, Pol expanded his skills by getting into laser cooling and trapping neutral atoms using laser light. His know-how in strategically placing atoms close to a photonic waveguide opened up the path for developing quantum networks, a crucial component in making quantum communication protocols work. With all this knowledge he then returned to play with superconducting circuits and microwave photons at IQC Waterloo in Canada.

Since May 2019, Pol has been at the forefront of the Quantum Computing Technology group at the Institute for High Energy Physics (IFAE) in Barcelona, where he’s been leading the progress in superconducting quantum circuits. His group’s primary focus includes implementing analog quantum computing protocols, studying light-matter interactions in the ultrastrong coupling regime, and exploring high-energy physics effects on qubits.

And guess what? Pol co-founded Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, the first European startup offering full-stack quantum computing services. Until 2023, he was the go-to guy for hardware stuff, and now he’s still rocking it, bringing his quantum magic to the table.

Pol Forn-Díaz is set to bring a ton of experience and ideas to the quantum tech scene at Qilimanjaro and the world. We’re so excited for this change!

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