Inspirational Talk WIQD World-Marta P Estarellas

Our Senior Quantum Engineer, Marta P Estarellas, has been invited to give an Inspirational Talk for the WIQD -Women in Quantum Development World series on 25 of November 2021. An active member of WIQD community Marta wears also the hat of Communication Officer for the WIQD Committee.


Marta´s work at Qilimanjaro is supported by a solid and diverse academic background starting with a BSc in Physical Chemistry, followed by a MSc in Quantum Chemistry and Computational Modelling – Interuniversity (Europe) and a Phd. in Physics from York University. The latest academic step before coming to Qilimanjaro has been as a postdoctoral researcher at the NII in Tokyo.

This career path is also the focus of the Inspirational talk Marta is giving for the WIQD series “A career path with Quantum interference”. Marta will share “the experiences that have interfered, either constructively or destructively, with my career” and will emphasize that not only success stories and ideal scenarios can be inspirational.



“Things not always work out as initially thought and it is often the case that our careers are reshaped by unexpected phenomena.”

Dr. Marta P. Estarellas


Winner of the Torres Quevedo fellowship for postdoctoral researchers and leader of the Theory & Applications team at Qilimanjaro, Marta is focused on developing algorithms for industrial use cases, in particular quantum computing algorithms for adiabatic quantum computing and with an overall goal of designing superconducting-based quantum computer architectures. Moreover, with the work of her theoretical team, she is giving a central support to both the hardware and software teams of Qilimanjaro. 


Let´s get inspired in our quantum journeys with Marta´s talk!

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