Year in Review – 2023

Reflecting on a Transformative 2023

As we close the chapter on 2023, it is with great pride and excitement that we share the remarkable journey we’ve experienced together. This year has been transformative for Qilimanjaro, characterized by substantial growth, significant progress, and the nurturing of a distinctive company culture. Let’s briefly look back on the key highlights of this remarkable year:


From the initiation of groundbreaking projects to the expansion of our exceptional team, 2023 has been a year of relentless innovation and growth. We take pride in our ability to welcome new clients and undertake large projects, showcasing our team’s determination to overcome challenges while maintaining operational excellence.

Christmas Party 2023
Leadership Transition and Structural Development

A pivotal moment in our journey involved a transition in leadership, with Marta P Estarellas assuming the role of CEO, Pol Forn-Díaz as CTO, and Albert Solana as CBO. Supported by the invaluable assistance of the Intel Ignite program, our new management team has successfully implemented a solid structure, allowing us to realize our vision.

Engineering Excellence and Project Success

The year saw our team of engineers and project managers playing a pivotal role in our success. Winning and launching projects like Quantum Spain, RoCCQeT, Qu-Pilot, and Nuclis, and continuing the work on projects like CUCO and Avaqus, highlight their exceptional dedication and skill.

Quantum Spain Project: A Milestone Unveiled

The Quantum Spain project stands out as an extraordinary achievement, building and granting access to the first quantum computer in Spain for the BSC team and the Red Nacional de Supercomputación. This monumental feat is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our team.


Winning the EIC Transition with our RoCCQet project has paved the way for the development of our key internal product – our distinctive analog quantum computers to offer practical advantage in a shorter timeframe. Stay tuned for the release of its cloud access through our Quantum as a Service solutions in 2024.

Investment in Future Capabilities

Our commitment to future capabilities is evident in our efforts to strengthen chip fabrication, a key necessity for our developments. We have actively promoted a key project part of the national PERTE Chips initiative, aiming to establish a fully equipped clean room in Spain and ready to produce our differentiated superconducting qubits in the long run. 


Collaboration has been a key theme this year, signing partnerships with organizations like CQuERE in India, 1Qbit in Canada, and Quantum Machines in Israel, among many others. 


The fruits of our labor are evident in our financial achievements, boasting an accumulated total private and public investment of 10M€ and a total accumulated customer orders of around 11M€.

Recognition and Media Presence

Our work has earned recognition globally, from prestigious features in Forbes discussing the potential of quantum technology, Future of Computing explaining our journey through the Intel Ignite program, EETimes showcasing us as part of Europe aims for a leadership role in quantum computing or HPCWire highlighting our role in Quantum Spain. This has also been reflected in numerous local mentions like La VanguardiaABC , or Xataka, to name a few.

Global Presence at Conferences

Qilimanjaro’s participation in major conferences worldwide, from PuzzleX in Barcelona and Switch Conference and QEI Workshop in Singapore to APS March Meeting in Las Vegas and Slush in Helsinki, among many, has expanded our network and opened doors to new opportunities, introducing our company to investors, potential clients, and industry experts.

Research Achievements and Publications

The commitment to research has been outstanding, with team members dedicating countless hours resulting in published research papers and patents. Special acknowledgments to Matthias Werner, David Eslava, Jan Nogué, Jordi Riu, and Ana Palacios for their significant contributions.

Cultivating a Unique Culture

Reflecting on our ability to grow while fostering a unique culture at Qilimanjaro, we’ve celebrated milestones together, from strategic product sessions to ensure our vision becomes a reality all the way to memorable summer and Christmas parties. This year we also initiated one of our most awaited projects: the refurbishment and preparation of a beautiful new lab and office space in Barcelona that is waiting for all the team to move in 2024. Expect a big inauguration party!

As we look back on the events and success that made 2023 memorable, we raise a toast to many more ahead!

Happy New Year,

The Qilimanjaro Team

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