We aim to provide true quantum benefits now

We deliver accessible quantum computing for the real world

Our differentiation

We are following a unique path to reach quantum advantage. We combine recent technological developments in quantum computing based on superconducting qubits to create a coherent quantum annealer that unlocks the quantum advantage for our customers. Such a setup allows us to bypass the error-correction high requirements from gate-based systems.

To deliver its full potential, our quantum annealers are combined with long-coherence superconducting flux qubits, pure quantum interactions and dense qubit connectivities, increasing computing power.


Develop fast-to-market app-specific analog quantum computers with true quantum benefits by co-designing chips & algorithms and bypassing the qubit fragility barrier

Our solution will give users the following unique features:

Shorter time to market

Unlike gate-based systems, coherent quantum annealing does not require complex quantum error correction (QEC) and its associated overheads. According to the roadmaps of leading players, the implementation of QEC will take at least a decade. With our long-coherence qubits and high-connectivity architecture, industrial players can start now leveraging our quantum processing power.

True quantum processing

Our long-coherence qubits last up to 1000x longer than the lifetime of other implementations, thus unlocking the full potential of quantum computing. Further, our high connectivity combined with quantum qubit-qubit interactions’ architecture allows us to deliver more computing power with fewer qubits to target classical optimizations and a unique approach to solve pure quantum problems that are classically intractable.

Quantum software toolkit

We have already deployed an open-source quantum computing toolkit Qibo. CERN, the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), Technology Innovation Institute Abu Dhabi (TII) and Singapore (CQT) are already using Qibo to explore the potential of annealing and gate-based quantum computing in both virtual as well as real systems. We will also add a co-designed library for the control of our hardware during this project. Furthermore, Qibo can be integrated into Python code and will be the key to fostering the adoption of our technology.

We offer full-stack quantum computing services to companies and large research organisations. Our solution gives users the following unique features: short-time-to-market, true quantum information processing & accessibility with 3rd party cloud access.


Read our Technology section to get in-depth information about our innovative approach for our analog quantum computers.

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