Qilimanjaro - Gender Equality Policy

Qilimanjaro continues to grow as a quantum start-up and finds its strength in its international and experienced team. Both women and men find at Qilimanjaro an open environment based on respect, tolerance and equal contribution to the overall objectives of the company, daily tasks and research.

Qilimanjaro commitment to Gender Equality is presented as follows:

  • All Qilimanjaro employees are offered equal conditions to contribute to Qilimanjaro’s overall goals and to conduct their research with respect, dignity and opportunity for growth.
  • Qilimanjaro hasbuilt a safe work environment of interpersonal respect where both women and men can conduct their work free of any harassment or bullying circumstances.

Qilimanjaro applies the gender Equality principles in six basic areas, as recommended by European Union (EU) with the Gender Equality Plan (GEP):

  • Balance between work and private life
  • Gender balance in leadership and decision making
  • Gender balance in recruitment and career development
  • Gender dimension in research
  • Gender dimension related harassment
  • Monitoring and data gathering

Read the full Gender Equality statement here.