Quantum as a Service

We offer cloud access to the different generations of our quantum chips, with different architectures and features, including our unique coherent quantum annealer and high performance computing simulators. This comes packed with an easy-to-use interface based on the Qibo programming framework under which you can either program your own quantum algorithm or choose the one that better adapts to your target use-case from our extensive algorithm portfolio. 


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Quantum readiness

Get our quantum experts to support you evaluating how quantum computing can provide advantage to your business. Our quantum readiness service starts from the use-case discovery and realistic roadmap planning to the implementation of proof-of-concepts and integration with your systems. We work side by side with your technical teams to migrate your operation processes to the quantum computing paradigm that better fits your needs. Our goal is to help you become ready for the forthcoming quantum revolution. 

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Quantum lab commissioning

Are you a research institution or a business that wishes to build your own in-premises quantum computing laboratory? Our team of quantum experts has a successful track of offering personalized guidance in the development of new quantum labs. We support you in all stages of the lab setup, from targeting the right location and identifying the best configuration and instrumentation tailored to your needs, to its integration and training on its operation. 


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Quantum ASIC

We aim at maximizing the current capabilities of quantum technology by developing app-specific quantum chips designed for a particular function or application. Current quantum computing providers focus on universal implementations that are still more than a decade away from showing practical applications. Our co-design approach brings together the target use-case with the design of both algorithm and chip configuration to boost the chances of getting a quantum gain now. 


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