Experience, Respect and Motivation in leading a tech Start-up-Victor Canvell interview in The Collider

This month’s article from The Collider features an article with Victor Canivell, co-founder and CBO of our company. Experience, Respect and Motivation represent the pillars that guide him in leading a quantum computing start-up like Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech.

With 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley, at Hewlett Packard, in Europe and Spain, Victor Canivell has the best view in launching the objectives and managing the financial side and strategic partnerships of Qilimanjaro. He also holds a PhD as a quantum physicist, which builds a stronger relationship and understanding of both the scientific and business side of the company.

Always show respect for employees, customers, and for all of your stakeholders

Victor Canivell-Co-founder Qilimanjaro

Qilimanjaro takes all the advantage from him, especially in bringing “realistic use cases” to the quantum space in order to differentiate from larger competitors and large corporations.

The Collider represents an initiative of Mobile World Capital Barcelona directed at promoting technology transfer between science, the market and society and supporting tech start-ups to bring real advantage to both industry and society.

Read the entire interview with Victor in the Collider here.

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