Qilimanjaro one of the 4 Exponential Leaders at Exponential Day-Acció

Qilimanjaro has been chosen as one of the four companies, Exponential Leaders in the Catalan landscape in 2021, by ACCIÓ- Agency for the Competitiveness of Companies.

The Co-founder and CBO of Qilimanjaro, Victor Canivell, will represent our startup during the “Exponential Day” event on the 1st of October 2021. 

Victor will have the opportunity to showcase Qilimanjaro´s unique perspective in the quantum industry, a startup with integrated software and hardware teams and a great potential for creative disruption.

  “Disruption is destructive creativity or creative destruction”  

                            Victor Canivell (Co-founder and CBO of Qilimanjaro)

Moreover, he will focus on Qilimanjaro´s vision for the future as contributors to the democratization of access to quantum computing for the entire society. The efforts of developing quantum computers will lead to mathematical optimization problems, basics to plan transport routes, logistics, to optimize financial systems or clinical trials.

In its third edition, Exponential Day represents the benchmark event in business disruption and transformation in Catalonia. This event has been created to give visibility, inspire and learn about the most disruptive companies and trends that are changing the status quo in a particular industry.

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