Qilimanjaro at BNEW event

Qilimanjaro is participating at the BNEW-Barcelona New Economy Week event taking place this first week of October, and in particular on the 6th of October in the Digital Industry panel “The universe of qubits and quantum computation: solution to currently impossible problems”.

Our co-founder and CBO, Victor Canivell will participate in a round table, where is joined by Araceli Venegas-Gomez-founder and CEO of QOURECA, Sergio Boixo-group leader for Quantum Computer Sciences at Google and Anna Sanpera Trigueros member of the strategic advisory board of European Community for quantic technologies.

In the picture, from left to right, on set Anna Sampere (UAB and director of the Quantum Engineering Postgraduate/UPC), Oscar Sala (moderator) and Víctor Canivell ( co-founder Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech), and on-screen, Sergio Boixo (Google) and Araceli Venegas-Gómez ( founder Qureca)

The objective of the panel is to introduce quantum technologies to the public, describing the state of the art of the industry and in what consists the quantum race, while Qilimanjaro will advance the perspective of a startup in an industry that exploded in the past years due to high investments in the quantum solution.

What is the quantum advantage of Qilimanjaro´s solution? Born as a spinoff of three investigation centers, UB-University of Barcelona, BSC-Barcelona Supercomputing Center and IFAE- Institute for High Energy Physics, the five co-founders bring extensive experience both in the scientific and business areas. Moreover, Qilimanjaro advances a global vision of bringing together two integrated teams of software and hardware to tackle computational problems.

How close is Qilimanjaro to reaching its objective of building a quantum annealing computer, based on a particular qubits coupling mechanism? Qilimanajro participation in the BNEW event will uncover all the answers.

BNEW-Connected to Each Other- is an initiative Consortium Zona Franca Barcelona and has been created as an event to connect companies that share a common denominator to grow and adapt to the new economies.

Follow the full video of the session here.

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