Qilimanjaro presence at QuIC General Assembly with Co-Founder Victor Canivell

One year after its online start, the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) will hold its first in-person event in Lisbon on May 30 & 31. Keynote speakers such as Dr Gustav Kalbe (Acting Director for Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure at the European Commission), Maria Lundqvist (EIB Innovation Finance Advisor) and Dr David Shaw (Fact Based Insight) will kick-off the event on May 30, enriched by Work Groups activities. The annual General Assembly will conclude the event on May 31. Qilimanjaro will be represented by our Co-Founder Victor Canivell, who looks forward to exchanging experiences and to establish strong partnerships with other QuIC members building this community, where more than 60 organizations will be in attendance. 

QuIC is an European non for profit association shaping the quantum industry and bringing together European quantum scientists, industry and investors, on a path of collaboration and development of strategic goals and roadmaps. QuIC members are directing their efforts in nine Working Groups to better focus on different themes like market trends, education, funding and intellectual property. The ultimate goal of the organization is the creation of an European Ecosystem that will raise the competitiveness of the European Union(EU) altogether and of each member association on the global scale.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech is a proud member of QuIC, actively engaged and eager to be a part of the European Quantum Path.

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