Qilimanjaro featured in Forbes article-Businesses And Marketers Need To Get Quantum Ready

Qilimanjaro is featured in the Forbes article by Michelle Greenwald “Perhaps The Most Disruptive Technology In History Is Coming And It’s Expected To Change Everything. Businesses And Marketers Need To Get Quantum Ready”.


The article is built on an overview of the Quantum Computing industry, actually in its “second quantum revolution”, with its higher capabilities of calculation, millions of times faster than a personal computer. These capabilities can influence directly artificial intelligence and open different fields of research.


“With quantum you have an aerial view and can see all the potential pathways simultaneously”  out of a labyrinth, as Victor Canivell, co-founder of Qilimanjaro describes it.


In this Quantum space, Qilimanajro is one of the few full-stack companies, with vertically integrated hardware and algorithm design, described as “somehow analogous to Apple”. Our advantage is also being a part of the Spanish quantum ecosystem, one of the most powerful in Europe.


Qilimanjaro aspires to be one of the leaders in the field, recently won the public tender, alongside GMV, to install at the BSC the first quantum computer in Southern Europe.


Albert Solana, Business Developer Manager of Qilimanjaro, highlights 9 potential use cases for quantum business applications with relevance for marketers: Dynamic pricing optimization; Utility And Companies Optimizing Operating Costs, Run Time and Energy Consumption; Product Development: Materials, Pharma, Medical, Chemical Companies, And Others; Sustainability; Competitive Marketing Claims About Data Security; Finance: Portfolio Optimization And Foreign Exchange Trading Profits; Supply Chain, Warehousing, Logistics & Last Mile Delivery; Supply Chain, Warehousing, Logistics & Last Mile Delivery; Digital Marketing And Marketing Mix Modeling Optimization.


The conclusion of the article is leading to the necessity to recognize the applications of quantum technologies in different industries and also to look beyond, in areas such as marketing mix modeling optimization. Increased engagement of companies in proof-of-concept tests with start-ups like Qilimanjaro prepares the market and companies for the rapid adoption of quantum technologies.


Read the full article here.

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