Qilimanjaro is 3 years old

This past Saturday we celebrated Qilimanjaro’s 3rd anniversary in a great location, the farm Mas Bes in Girona. It was a very special celebration, having also our families invited to be part of the big Qilimanjaro family.

Our party kicked off with a visit to the Mas Bes farm where everybody enjoyed being around the animals, touching and feeding them, including cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and donkeys. The visit continued with a really great learning experience on how cows are being fed and taken care to ensure the best milk is collected and brought to the market. Finally, we could visit the museum of the farm with more than 7000 objects on display.

After the visit, the team enjoyed a special traditional lunch with local specialities. Victor Canivell virtually joined us at the end of the lunch for the toast and a speech on this milestone and to congratulate everyone on the great work that has led us to this 3 year celebration.

We did not miss the cake and the team pictures where everybody showed how far the Qili team can fly. Reaching for the skies!! Go Qili, Go!!

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