Qilimanjaro's Vision and Mission

Quantum computing will change the world, but with the current approaches, the true impact of conventional gate-based quantum computers lies at least a decade away. We are a full-stack quantum computing company that aims at maximizing current technology capabilities to provide practical quantum advantage in a shorter time frame by following a unique strategy. We use the analog model of quantum computation, with high-quality superconducting flux qubits and versatile qubit-qubit interactions to build app-specific quantum devices (QASIC), in a co-design approach that brings the design of the quantum chip closer to the use-case. We offer an exclusive Quantum as a Service that allows for remote access to our distinctive quantum computing platforms and a boutique service for deployment and integration of in-premises quantum computers.

Why Qilimanjaro?

  • Get the opportunity to build something amazing and unique, something that hasn't been done before

  • Work on ground-breaking projects and possibly solve massive challenges on a global scale

  • Be at the intersection of research and industry, where biggest innovations happen

  • Make an enormous impact in a dynamic scale-up rather than being a small cog in a big machine

  • Work with super smart, knowledgeable and yet, very friendly people in Barcelona, one of the best cities in the world (picture a lot of sun, amazing food and friendly locals)

  • Get to be part of a start-up where growth on a company and individual level is the default


Open Positions

Follow the link below to check our vacancies. In addition we are in full growth so you can always provide us with your profile for any future vacancy. Contact us at to send your CV and Motivation Letter

Recruiting Process


Find your dream job

We publish our offers on the web, Linkedin or in different universities. Apply when you find an interesting one! 


Get-to-Know Interview

This is an initial video-call to know your profile and your expectations


Technical Interview

This part of the hiring process is focus in understanding your background and experience



You will receive an offer letter with all the information

Our Team

Quantum Experts
Quantum Engineers
PhDs in Science
MBA graduates
Countries & Nationalities

Our Values

We're on a mission to deliver real value, seeking true quantum advantage. Grounded in scientific rigor, we skip the hype and focus on meaningful impact

We're all about growth – both personally and professionally, for us and for our clients.
We're not just building a company; we're cultivating a community where everyone thrives and evolves

We're all about respect, humility, and keeping it real. Honesty is our policy, and we tackle things with a positive vibe, making work fun and awesome

At our core, we're risk-takers and innovators. We go above and beyond to achieve extraordinary results as a team

We're the go-getters, driven by efficiency and a no-excuses mindset. Our game plan? Deliver results, period.

Life at Qilimanjaro