Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech and HPCNow! Forge partnership to equip supercomputing centers with Qilimanjaro’s quantum computers.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, a full-stack quantum computing company, and HPCNow!, a leader in advanced supercomputing services, proudly announce a strategic partnership to equip supercomputing centers with Qilimanjaro’s distinctive Quantum Computers.

The partnership between Qilimanjaro and HPCNow! marks a significant step forward in the convergence of quantum computing and supercomputing technologies. Both companies recognize the symbiotic relationship between the future of quantum computing and supercomputing, paving the way for great advancements in computational capabilities. This partnership has also been motivated by the increasing interest in Europe in equipping High-Performance Computing Centers with the latest quantum computing technologies.

What does this mean for Qilimanjaro? This will take us a step closer to the supercomputing landscape, allowing us to provide market-appropriate solutions that lower the learning curve for new users and customers. Seamlessly integrating quantum resources into the HPC community, we are dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition, minimizing complexities, and fostering widespread adoption of quantum technologies.

“Through the partnership between HPCNow! and Qilimanjaro, we are not just bridging the gap between quantum computing and HPC centers, but we are pioneering a new frontier where innovation knows no bounds. Together, we are not just transforming HPC centers; we are shaping the future of supercomputers”

Marta Estarellas, CEO of Qilimanjaro

Qilimanjaro’s analog QASIC architecture is designed to provide a faster time-to-market of quantum computing than currently available commercial roadmaps. By integrating our quantum technologies into supercomputing centers, Qilimanjaro and HPCNow! envision unlocking a great computational power to tackle complex real-world problems.

How will HPCNow!’s customers benefit from this partnership? Thanks to our partnership with Qilimanjaro, HPCNow! has a fantastic opportunity to expose its customers to quantum technologies. We’re expanding our capabilities to new frontiers by developing the convergence of quantum and HPC, enabling our users to access new quantum technologies to solve the most challenging problems in science and engineering.

“Our successful collaboration on a recent project has highlighted the advantages of working together to tackle new challenges. We firmly believe the future of computing is not classical or quantum alone, but a powerful hybrid approach. With its cutting-edge technology, Qilimanjaro is the ideal partner to help our customers achieve quantum readiness.”

David Tur, CEO of HPCNow!

This partnership is a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of quantum computing. We look forward to collaborating closely to develop customized solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique computational needs.

About Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

Qilimanjaro is a full-stack quantum computing company based in Barcelona and founded in 2019 to maximize current technology capabilities to provide a practical quantum advantage in a shorter time frame by following a unique strategy. We use the analog model of quantum computation, with high-quality superconducting flux qubits and versatile qubit-qubit interactions to build app-specific quantum devices (QASIC), in a co-design approach that brings the design of the quantum chip closer to the use-case. We offer an exclusive Quantum as a Service that allows for remote access to our distinctive quantum computing platforms and a boutique service for deployment and integration of in-premises quantum computers for HPC centers and clients’ facilities.

About HPCNow!

Founded in 2013 in Barcelona by a small group of HPC enthusiasts with a large experience in the HPC ecosystem, HPCNow! has become one of the most versatile players in the HPC field, operating in Spain, New Zealand, and globally through the Do IT Now Alliance (https://doit-now.tech) of which it is a founding member. The company provides services with a broad view, including consultancy, HPC cluster deployment, support to system administrators, domain-specific support to computational scientists & engineers, performance analysis, application tuning, training, and development of HPC tools. Its customers span from medium and large companies in pharma, life science, aerospace, renewable energies to the public sector of HPC consumers like universities and research centers.

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