Qilimanjaro at Quantum Matter and AQC Conference 2022

This past week Qilimanjaro has been present at two conferences:  the Quantum Matter Conference 2022 in Barcelona and the ICTP Conference on Adiabatic Quantum Computation / Quantum Annealing, hosting AQC2022 in Trieste.

Qilimanjaro has participated for the second year in a row at the Quantum Matter Conference, held this year in Barcelona (June 21-23).

Besides an Invited talk from Daniel Szombati, senior quantum engineer of the hardware team, and his participation at the roundtable at the Industrial Forum, we also had two poster presentations from two of our PhD students of the theory team. The location of the conference offered us the opportunity to have a high number of Qilimanjaro members attending in person.

As a Silver sponsor, Qilimanjaro had a permanent booth on site, an outstanding opportunity in presenting the company during the three days of the conference, which led to direct contacts with leading scientists and experts in the Quantum space . 

The second conference, the ICTP Conference on Adiabatic Quantum Computation / Quantum Annealing, hosting AQC2022 (20-24 June) was held in Trieste and Qilimanjaro has been represented in-person by three of our members of the theory team. The two PhD students had a talk: Ana Palacios presenting our work on “A Quantum Annealing Algorithm For The Qubit Allocation Problem” and Matthias Werner presenting “Localisation, Quantum Phase Transitions and Graph Theory for Adiabatic Quantum Computing”.

Both conferences brought great insights of the current advancement on quantum computing research on both software and hardware sides.  It has been a wonderful experience for all the participants from our team showcasing their work and a great way to build on the knowledge and connections these conferences bring to the quantum computing community.

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