Qilimanjaro participates for the second year at the Mobile World Congress-4YFN in Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress 2022, which took place from February 28 to March 3, has again hosted the space 4YFN-Four Years From Now, a special section dedicated to startups. Qilimanjaro has been part of it for the second year in a row. 

Our stand has been located in the NEXTech Hall 6, as part of the Quantum Flagship, bringing together quantum startups from all Europe: LuxQuanta, Quside, IQM and Qblox.

It has been a great opportunity for Qilimanjaro to present our projects, advancements and goals to the visitors interested in our company and mostly on the applications of our technology.

One of the most recurrent questions we received, and from which spurred interesting discussions, has been about the applications of our technology for different industries. We are developing our chips and building our analog quantum computer, while we are already developing the algorithms to make companies in logistics, finance and pharmaceuticals ready for the quantum era.

As a result of these discussions we found great feedback and real opportunities for future collaborations where we can apply our quantum technologies.

Awareness, knowledge and future synergies are the key points we take from this tremendous opportunity 4YFN is for startups, included in the MWC2022.

If you missed us this year at the MWC2022 you can write to us here for future inquiries and quantum talks.

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