Qilimanjaro at Quantum2021 International Conference

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. will participate this year at the first edition of Quantum2021 International Conference (November 23-25) Computation, Materials & Technologies, taking place, in person, in Bilbao, Spain.

Our Senior Quantum Engineer, Ramiro Sagastizábal, has an invited talk “Quantum computing beyond the gate-based paradigm”, as a part of the Industrial forum at Quantum 2021. This talk will focus on the position and work Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. is developing in quantum computation space. The abstract presented for the conference advances the main ideas of Qilimanjaro developing road:

“The progress of technological capabilities has enabled recent efforts into practical realizations of quantum computation. The quest of marketable applications faces the challenge of error correction, or mitigation, while pursued within the gate-based paradigm. At Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech we pursue a platform with faster time-to-market expectations. We do this by exploiting adiabatic and diabatic approaches, which are likely to be more forgiving in terms of the impact of errors.”

Qilimanjaro is also proud to participate to the Quantum 2021 International conference in the role of sponsor of the conference. Quantum2021 has the goal to bring together some of the main players and projects for quantum development and foster new collaborations and advancements in the field. We support this first edition and hope to be the beginning of many encounters where Qilimanjaro will bring a permanent contribution and collaboration.


Qilimanjaro EPJ Quantum Technology article promoted to the Chinese audience

Back in February 2021, Qilimanjaro published the article “Startup Qilimanjaro—towards a European full-stack coherent quantum annealer platform”  in the special issue “Quantum Industry” of the European Physics Journal Quantum Technology, 8.

This November 2021, the EPJ Quantum Technology promoted our article, alongside other selected articles from the Special Issue to the Chinese audience. Qilimanjaro, presented as a full-stack quantum computing spin-off, is working towards serving both industry and academic purposes while offering algorithmic development services and access to a new coherent quantum annealer platform.

 Qilimanjaro’s strategy as a full-stack solution is described as achieving quantum computing market readiness through quantum annealers, which don’t need complex error correction and represents an innovative architecture that promotes connectivity and greatly increases coherence. This solution is combined with Quantum-as-a-Service software and simplifies the application of quantum computers in industry workflows.

Our favorite quote from the promotion piece is “Qilimanjaro’s solution provides a mature quantum computer which can deliver true quantum business value”.

You can find and read Qilimanjaro article and other selected articles from the special issue here.


Qilimanjaro participation at Innovation Journey event

Qilimanjaro joined the second edition of Innovation Journey, an event organized by BSC, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and EuroCC Spain, National Center of Competence in Supercomputing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

A spin-off of BSC, Qilimanjaro attended two different sessions of the event. First, on the 15 of October, Qilimanjaro presented its experience as a start-up and played a mentorship role in one of the training workshops for future Spanish entrepreneurs, high-performance supercomputing start-ups. This workshop has been planned in the wake of the increasing need for technology transfer from the researchers to society at large.

The second session where Qilimanjaro participated was the Spin-Off Day on 22 of October, which brought together seven spin-offs of BSC discussing the particular issue of technology transfer at the Spanish and European level. The convergence of research and entrepreneurship became an obvious conclusion of the intense discussions.

Read the press release from BSC here.


Qilimanjaro at the 2021 BIST Conference Quantum Technologies: Present and Future

Qilimanjaro will participate at this year’s 2021 BIST Conference-Quantum Technologies: Present and Future on November 2-5 & 16, 2021.  Our team will take the stage on the 3rd of November on both of the Panel discussions. In the Panel: Quantum in Industry – Corporations and Spin-offs Developing Quantum Applications, Qilimanjaro will be represented by our Senior Quantum Engineer Marta P Estarellas with the talk: “Developing Coherent Quantum Annealers: from the lab to the industry”. Notably, she will be joined at the same panel by one of Qilimanjaro Advisors Rami Barends.

Marta P Estarellas, Senior Quantum Engineer Qilimanjaro.

In an earlier Panel, Quantum in Catalunia, our co-founders Pol Forn-Díaz, Chief Hardware Architect, and Artur Garcia Sáez, Chief Software Architect, will have a joint discussion in order to highlight the newest advancements in Computing.   

Pol Forn-Díaz, Chief Hardware Architect and co-founder of Qilimanjaro.
Artur Garcia Sáez, Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Qilimanjaro.

Besides the participation of the Qilimanjaro team, we also have the participation of a second advisor for Qilimanjaro, Jose Ignacio Latorre, in the satellite session: How to Communicate Complex Scientific Topics.

BIST-Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology is an institution with multidisciplinary research, with 7 research centers, one being IFAE-Institute for High Energy Physics, one of the institutes behind the creation of Qilimanjaro.

The annual BIST Conference brings together not only BIST members but also partners and international researchers. This year´s focus on Quantum technologies has attracted vast participation of the community and Qilimanjaro is proud to participate in these discussions.

Read the BIST newsletter here and watch a short summary video of the 3rd of November main event.


Qilimanjaro is a member of AMETIC

Qilimanjaro becomes full member of AMETIC -Multisectorial Association of Information Technology, Communications and Electronics Companies (Asociación Multisectorial de Empresas de Tecnologías de la Información, Comunicaciones y Electrónica), the main Spanish association of IT Companies and the voice of the digital industry in Spain.

This membership will position Qilimanajro alongside a great number of Spanish companies, more than 15,000 companies in the Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content sectors that directly or through Associations are represented by AMETIC before international, national, autonomous and local institutions.

Alongside its membership status, Qilimanjaro will be an active participant in the following AMETIC Commissions shaping the objectives and directions of the respective industry: Commission of Innovation and Commission of Information, Computing and Quantum Cybersecurity.


Qilimanjaro at BNEW event

Qilimanjaro is participating at the BNEW-Barcelona New Economy Week event taking place this first week of October, and in particular on the 6th of October in the Digital Industry panel “The universe of qubits and quantum computation: solution to currently impossible problems”.

Our co-founder and CBO, Victor Canivell will participate in a round table, where is joined by Araceli Venegas-Gomez-founder and CEO of QOURECA, Sergio Boixo-group leader for Quantum Computer Sciences at Google and Anna Sanpera Trigueros member of the strategic advisory board of European Community for quantic technologies.

In the picture, from left to right, on set Anna Sampere (UAB and director of the Quantum Engineering Postgraduate/UPC), Oscar Sala (moderator) and Víctor Canivell ( co-founder Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech), and on-screen, Sergio Boixo (Google) and Araceli Venegas-Gómez ( founder Qureca)

The objective of the panel is to introduce quantum technologies to the public, describing the state of the art of the industry and in what consists the quantum race, while Qilimanjaro will advance the perspective of a startup in an industry that exploded in the past years due to high investments in the quantum solution.

What is the quantum advantage of Qilimanjaro´s solution? Born as a spinoff of three investigation centers, UB-University of Barcelona, BSC-Barcelona Supercomputing Center and IFAE- Institute for High Energy Physics, the five co-founders bring extensive experience both in the scientific and business areas. Moreover, Qilimanjaro advances a global vision of bringing together two integrated teams of software and hardware to tackle computational problems.

How close is Qilimanjaro to reaching its objective of building a quantum annealing computer, based on a particular qubits coupling mechanism? Qilimanajro participation in the BNEW event will uncover all the answers.

BNEW-Connected to Each Other- is an initiative Consortium Zona Franca Barcelona and has been created as an event to connect companies that share a common denominator to grow and adapt to the new economies.

Follow the full video of the session here.

Corporate Science

Qilimanjaro one of the 4 Exponential Leaders at Exponential Day-Acció

Qilimanjaro has been chosen as one of the four companies, Exponential Leaders in the Catalan landscape in 2021, by ACCIÓ- Agency for the Competitiveness of Companies.

The Co-founder and CBO of Qilimanjaro, Victor Canivell, will represent our startup during the “Exponential Day” event on the 1st of October 2021. 

Victor will have the opportunity to showcase Qilimanjaro´s unique perspective in the quantum industry, a startup with integrated software and hardware teams and a great potential for creative disruption.

  “Disruption is destructive creativity or creative destruction”  

                            Victor Canivell (Co-founder and CBO of Qilimanjaro)

Moreover, he will focus on Qilimanjaro´s vision for the future as contributors to the democratization of access to quantum computing for the entire society. The efforts of developing quantum computers will lead to mathematical optimization problems, basics to plan transport routes, logistics, to optimize financial systems or clinical trials.

In its third edition, Exponential Day represents the benchmark event in business disruption and transformation in Catalonia. This event has been created to give visibility, inspire and learn about the most disruptive companies and trends that are changing the status quo in a particular industry.

Science Software

Qilimanjaro at European Researchers Night event in Barcelona

Qilimanjaro´s Co-founder and Chief software architect, Artur Garcia, co-presented the project Qubit Quest on 22 of September 2021 during the event “Qubit Quest: in search of quantum computing”. The event is part of European Researchers Night, launched by the European Commission, as a part of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Qubit Quest is a project for Quantum Computing dissemination, winner of a FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) grant and promoted by Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, the Institute of High Energy Physics (IFAE), and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center -National Supercomputing Center (BSC).

The project mainly consists of the development of a video game that simulates the solution of complex problems using quantum computing. The video game aims to disseminate the principles of quantum computing and its applications, aimed at young people from 14 years onwards.

Follow Qilimanjaro social media and @QubitQuest for upcoming news on this exciting Qubit Quest project.


First theory-experiment paper, now published, with Qilimanjaro affiliation!

The paper “One qubit as a universal approximant” has been published on July 2, 2021 in the journal Physical Review A, highlighting the collaboration between theory and experiment, which defines Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech as a spin-off startup of three centers of research. The authors of the paper are Qilimanjaro´s Co-founder and chief science officer Jose Ignacio Latorre; Pol Forn-Díaz, Quantum Computing Technology group at IFAE and Co-Founder & Chief Hardware Architect for Qilimanjaro; Artur Garcia Sáez, Quantic group at BSC and Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect for Qilimanjaro, and their two PhD students David López-Núñez and Adrián Pérez-Salinas.

The research centers on “A single-qubit circuit can approximate any bounded complex function stored in the degrees of freedom defining its quantum gates. The single-qubit approximant presented in this work is operated through a series of gates that take as their parametrization the independent variable of the target function and an additional set of adjustable parameters.”

Read the full abstract and article here.


Qilimanjaro one of the Spanish pillars of the quantum revolution

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech has been highlighted in the economy section of Spanish newspaper ABC on July 6, 2021, as one of the thriving startups, set to construct the next big technological disruption.

Qilimanjaro´s co-founding partners, Victor Canivell and José Ignacio Latorre, are interviewed in this article about the singularities and vision behind the creation of this start-up.

Victor Canivell, the acting CEO, discusses Qilimanjaro´s open-source software, the Qibo system, and their commitment to its widespread use for accessing quantum computers.

José Ignacio Latorre, quantum physicist and chief science officer, shares the vision for the creation and development of Qilimanjaro, a startup committed to global inclusion over the existence and use of quantum technology “the more quantum computers on the planet the better”.

Read the full article here and learn more about the value proposition of this startup built on humility and talent, where curiosity plays a fundamental role.