Qilimanjaro’s new alliance with Repsol and ICO Axis

Qilimanjaro is pleased to announce a partnership with Repsol and ICOAxis, which will allow us to accelerate the development and scaling of our quantum computing technology solutions. The support of these two leading companies, such as Repsol and ICOAxis, represents a strong recognition for Qilimanjaro’s work and a strong incentive for our team.

AXIS, the venture capital subsidiary of the ICO Group, and RepsolVenturing, Repsol’s investment vehicle, have committed to quantum computing as a key solution that will make a decisive contribution to solving different technological challenges, both in industry and in our daily lives, in fields as diverse as medicine, logistics, energy, transportation and finance, where there are high needs for calculation, simulation and optimization.

Public-private partnerships are decisive and provide an impetus for progress. This kind of support for a startup like ours, in the field of deep tech, contributes to the fact that we can continue to be generators of employment and drivers of talent in sectors with great potential to transform economic activity.

We are confident this collaboration will drive the growth and development of all partners and help us advance our goals, in terms of productivity and sustainability.

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