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Qilimanjaro at European Researchers Night event in Barcelona

Qilimanjaro´s Co-founder and Chief software architect, Artur Garcia, co-presented the project Qubit Quest on 22 of September 2021 during the event “Qubit Quest: in search of quantum computing”. The event is part of European Researchers Night, launched by the European Commission, as a part of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Qubit Quest is a project for Quantum Computing dissemination, winner of a FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) grant and promoted by Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, the Institute of High Energy Physics (IFAE), and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center -National Supercomputing Center (BSC).

The project mainly consists of the development of a video game that simulates the solution of complex problems using quantum computing. The video game aims to disseminate the principles of quantum computing and its applications, aimed at young people from 14 years onwards.

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Qilimanjaro co-founders at the SCAsia

Last week, Qilimanjaro co-founder Artur Garcia Saez took part in the SupercomputingAsia 2021 meeting as speaker in behalf of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Watch his talk here:

You can also review the final panel discussion on Quantum Computation, moderated by Prof Dr. José Ignacio Latorre , Director of the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore (co-organizer of the event) and also co-founder of Qilimanjaro: