Qilimanjaro, technology partner in first major national quantum computing project for strategic industries

The aim of the project is to generate knowledge related to quantum technologies that make it possible to solve problems that classic computing is currently unable to resolve efficiently.

The project objective is to advance the state of the art of quantum algorithms and apply that knowledge to a series of proofs of concept in different strategic sectors of the Spanish economy.

Barcelona 11 January 2022. Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, S.L. and the companies Amatech, BBVA, DAS Photonics, GMV, Multiverse Computing and Repsol, supported by five research centers (BSC, CSIC, DIPC, ICFO and Tecnalia) and a public university (UPV), have formed the consortium setting up the CUCO project for research into quantum computing applied to strategic industries of the Spanish economy: Energy, Finance, Space, Defense and Logistics.

The CUCO project, subsidized by the CDTI and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, is the first major quantum computing project at the national and business level with the objective of progressing in the scientific and technological knowledge of quantum computing algorithms by means of public-private collaboration between companies, research centers and universities, making it possible to accelerate the implementation of these technologies for their use in the medium term. In addition to identifying a series of relevant usage cases in the Spanish economy in which to conduct proofs of concept to study whether quantum computing could improve the performance of classic computing in responding to business needs and proposing the corresponding metrics. In this context, usage cases will be researched in Earth observation, the fight against climate change and the environment, traceability of information throughout the supply chain, optimization and simulation of complex financial calculations, signals intelligence, etc.

Quantum technologies, and specifically quantum computing, are destined to play a disruptive role due to the impact they will have in many areas, given the massive calculation capacity, which could mark the beginning of a new era in technology. Spain cannot afford to be left behind, and it has the capability to lead in this new race.

New R&D+i actions and sustainability

One of the objectives of the project is to position the consortium and its companies as benchmarks in quantum computing in their sectors of application, enabling them to take part in international initiatives such as Quantum Flagship, Horizonte Europa, Digital Europe, or the European Defence Fund.

Through its research into quantum computing, the CUCO project will also have an impact on improving environmental sustainability, as quantum computing promotes more energy-efficient algorithms.


2021 Qilimanjaro Year in Review

2021 has been the year of building up Qilimanjaro, completing our development lab and building up our core development team, with new employees coming from many different international locations.

In many ways, 2021 has really been a stellar year – despite Covid-19 challenges for travel, logistics and supply chains. If 2019 was when the startup was founded and 2020 when it began operations, 2021 has been the first year of results, with revenues topping 1M€ of customer revenue, making them quantum ready.

First and foremost, we have commissioned our first gate-based superconducting qubit quantum computer to our client and partner TII in the UAE. This effort runs in parallel with designing our innovative, upcoming coherent quantum annealing architecture with superconducting flux qubits, that we expect to launch during 2023. Along these lines, our co-founder Pol Forn-Díaz has successfully driven the first year of the European Commission’s coherent annealing program, and for which Qilimanjaro is a key partner.

In addition, Qilimanjaro continues to contribute to Qibo, the fully open source quantum access and control stack, that is currently under development by teams in Barcelona, Milano, Abu Dhabi and Singapore across a number of qubit technologies, at the moment, superconducting and trapped ions. At the same time, Qilimanjaro’s theory team has been busy preparing initial patents and publications related to adiabatic computing.  Qilimanjaro staff published its roadmap for innovation at the European Physics Journal in 2021, both in English and with a Chinese language intro. Another comprehensive review of this roadmap has been published this year in Japanese by the Yano Research Institute; Japan is the source of adiabatic computing, and Qilimanjaro is the European champion in this space.

In summer 2021, Qilimanjaro hosted its first batch of experimental and theory interns, and this has proven to be a very productive exercise. It’s great to have them interact with internal Industrial PhD candidates and with senior staff, so as to contribute to Qilimanjaro’s development efforts. Qilimanjaro will certainly continue and further develop these training experiences. Along these lines, Qilimanjaro founders contribute as teachers and mentors to the new Barcelona based quantum computing MSc and postgrad trainings, a great source of very necessary talent for the future.

These efforts have contributed to Qilimanjaro being granted competitive grants from the Ministry of Innovation and Science in Spain (Misiones, Neotec, Torres Quevedo, Doctorando Industrial) and from the Generalitat de Catalunya (AGAUR). Misiones CUCO is an NGE funded three-year project with Repsol, BBVA, GMV and other partners to accelerate the use of quantum computing by major corporations.

It has also contributed to the successful accomplishment of the first of two phases in other highly competitive exercises, both at the European Innovation Council “Accelerator” financing program, and at the Creative Destruction Lab acceleration program for quantum startups in Toronto. Both are considered as the respective gold standards for European grants and for international quantum accelerators.

As regards harnessing our business planning acumen, Qilimanjaro has been an active member of IESE’s business school “Technology Transfer Group” within the MBA 2021 program.

To strengthen its strategic directions, Qilimanjaro has established an Advisory Team in 2021, with leading experts in the areas of quantum superconducting hardware (R. Barends, Jülich and ex-Google), quantum software (S. Carrazza, Uni Milano and CERN) and HPC business (F. Gallo, ex-Lenovo, IBM, Atos-Bull and SGI-Cray).

Qilimanjaro has also become an active member of quantum industry consortia, such as QuIC, the brand-new European consortium for quantum companies, and of AMETIC’s Quantum Technologies group, Spain’s main IT industry consortium. It’s about developing the market conditions for quantum to flourish.

Qilimanjaro founders and staff have been very active this year in presenting their work at several conferences and events in 2021, many of them virtual, such as “Quantum Business Europe 2021” (France), “ICE 2021” (Madrid), “Dubai Future Foundation 2021” (Dubai), ”Quantum Latino 2021” (London), “AQC 2021” (Japan), “Supercomputing Asia 2021” (Singapore), “4YFN-Mobile World Congress 2021” (Barcelona), “Quantum Computing Summit 2021” (London), “BNEW 2021” (Barcelona), “BIST Quantum Conference 2021” (Barcelona), “Quantum 2021” (Bilbao), “Women-in-Quantum-Development” (Delft), “CINECA HPC and Quantum Computing 2021” (Bologna), and “Quantum Delft Seminar #10” (Delft)“.

Qilimanjaro has been featured in the Gartner Group October 2021 “IT Symposium/Xpo” as a quantum computing supplier, as has been the case in a number of other publications and conferences, such as in O. Ezratty’s new 2021 “Understanding Quantum Computing” comprehensive publication.

Finally, it is with great satisfaction that we were awarded, late in 2021, both the distinction of the top “Exponential Leader 2021” by Acció, the agency of competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and as the best spinoff of the University of Barcelona via the “Senén Vilaró 2021” award of its Board of Trustees.

So, we are now ready to tackle 2022 – with many new ideas on how to develop our technology and serve our quantum customers.

We wish you all a Safe, Happy and Successful Quantum 2022!

Corporate Science

Qilimanjaro wins Senén Vilaró award 2021 for the most innovative spinoff company

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech won the Senén Vilaró award for the most innovative spinoff company of 2021 from the Board of Trustees of the University of Barcelona and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation 2021.

The award was presented in person on the 1st of December during an award ceremony held at the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona, and chaired by the Rector and the President of the Board of Trustees.

This is the second distinction Qilimanjaro is awarded in 2021, alongside the Exponential Leader 2021 award offered by Acció-Agency for the Competitiveness of Companies in Catalonia- during the Exponential Day in September 2021.

Identified as the first quantum computing startup established in Spain, Qilimanjaro is offering practical applications of quantum computing in a shorter time than 2029 using a new paradigm: adiabatic quantum computing.

There are two main goals that Qilimanjaro is embracing and define this company as a Quantum maverick and consequentially the winner of the Senén Vilaró award:

Developing a competitive and open quantum computer

Contributing to creating a quantum ecosystem of excellence

Follow Qilimanjaro steps leaving a mark in the technological landscape with a strong tendency towards technology transfer to society, a value upheld by the University of Barcelona and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation.

Read more about the Board of Trustees of the University of Barcelona and Bosch i Gimpera Awards here and watch a video summary (in catalan) of the award ceremony and where the winners explain their projects.


Qilimanjaro EPJ Quantum Technology article promoted to the Chinese audience

Back in February 2021, Qilimanjaro published the article “Startup Qilimanjaro—towards a European full-stack coherent quantum annealer platform”  in the special issue “Quantum Industry” of the European Physics Journal Quantum Technology, 8.

This November 2021, the EPJ Quantum Technology promoted our article, alongside other selected articles from the Special Issue to the Chinese audience. Qilimanjaro, presented as a full-stack quantum computing spin-off, is working towards serving both industry and academic purposes while offering algorithmic development services and access to a new coherent quantum annealer platform.

 Qilimanjaro’s strategy as a full-stack solution is described as achieving quantum computing market readiness through quantum annealers, which don’t need complex error correction and represents an innovative architecture that promotes connectivity and greatly increases coherence. This solution is combined with Quantum-as-a-Service software and simplifies the application of quantum computers in industry workflows.

Our favorite quote from the promotion piece is “Qilimanjaro’s solution provides a mature quantum computer which can deliver true quantum business value”.

You can find and read Qilimanjaro article and other selected articles from the special issue here.


Qilimanjaro participation at Innovation Journey event

Qilimanjaro joined the second edition of Innovation Journey, an event organized by BSC, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and EuroCC Spain, National Center of Competence in Supercomputing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

A spin-off of BSC, Qilimanjaro attended two different sessions of the event. First, on the 15 of October, Qilimanjaro presented its experience as a start-up and played a mentorship role in one of the training workshops for future Spanish entrepreneurs, high-performance supercomputing start-ups. This workshop has been planned in the wake of the increasing need for technology transfer from the researchers to society at large.

The second session where Qilimanjaro participated was the Spin-Off Day on 22 of October, which brought together seven spin-offs of BSC discussing the particular issue of technology transfer at the Spanish and European level. The convergence of research and entrepreneurship became an obvious conclusion of the intense discussions.

Read the press release from BSC here.


Qilimanjaro is a member of AMETIC

Qilimanjaro becomes full member of AMETIC -Multisectorial Association of Information Technology, Communications and Electronics Companies (Asociación Multisectorial de Empresas de Tecnologías de la Información, Comunicaciones y Electrónica), the main Spanish association of IT Companies and the voice of the digital industry in Spain.

This membership will position Qilimanajro alongside a great number of Spanish companies, more than 15,000 companies in the Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content sectors that directly or through Associations are represented by AMETIC before international, national, autonomous and local institutions.

Alongside its membership status, Qilimanjaro will be an active participant in the following AMETIC Commissions shaping the objectives and directions of the respective industry: Commission of Innovation and Commission of Information, Computing and Quantum Cybersecurity.


Qilimanjaro at BNEW event

Qilimanjaro is participating at the BNEW-Barcelona New Economy Week event taking place this first week of October, and in particular on the 6th of October in the Digital Industry panel “The universe of qubits and quantum computation: solution to currently impossible problems”.

Our co-founder and CBO, Victor Canivell will participate in a round table, where is joined by Araceli Venegas-Gomez-founder and CEO of QOURECA, Sergio Boixo-group leader for Quantum Computer Sciences at Google and Anna Sanpera Trigueros member of the strategic advisory board of European Community for quantic technologies.

In the picture, from left to right, on set Anna Sampere (UAB and director of the Quantum Engineering Postgraduate/UPC), Oscar Sala (moderator) and Víctor Canivell ( co-founder Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech), and on-screen, Sergio Boixo (Google) and Araceli Venegas-Gómez ( founder Qureca)

The objective of the panel is to introduce quantum technologies to the public, describing the state of the art of the industry and in what consists the quantum race, while Qilimanjaro will advance the perspective of a startup in an industry that exploded in the past years due to high investments in the quantum solution.

What is the quantum advantage of Qilimanjaro´s solution? Born as a spinoff of three investigation centers, UB-University of Barcelona, BSC-Barcelona Supercomputing Center and IFAE- Institute for High Energy Physics, the five co-founders bring extensive experience both in the scientific and business areas. Moreover, Qilimanjaro advances a global vision of bringing together two integrated teams of software and hardware to tackle computational problems.

How close is Qilimanjaro to reaching its objective of building a quantum annealing computer, based on a particular qubits coupling mechanism? Qilimanajro participation in the BNEW event will uncover all the answers.

BNEW-Connected to Each Other- is an initiative Consortium Zona Franca Barcelona and has been created as an event to connect companies that share a common denominator to grow and adapt to the new economies.

Follow the full video of the session here.

Corporate Science

Qilimanjaro one of the 4 Exponential Leaders at Exponential Day-Acció

Qilimanjaro has been chosen as one of the four companies, Exponential Leaders in the Catalan landscape in 2021, by ACCIÓ- Agency for the Competitiveness of Companies.

The Co-founder and CBO of Qilimanjaro, Victor Canivell, will represent our startup during the “Exponential Day” event on the 1st of October 2021. 

Victor will have the opportunity to showcase Qilimanjaro´s unique perspective in the quantum industry, a startup with integrated software and hardware teams and a great potential for creative disruption.

  “Disruption is destructive creativity or creative destruction”  

                            Victor Canivell (Co-founder and CBO of Qilimanjaro)

Moreover, he will focus on Qilimanjaro´s vision for the future as contributors to the democratization of access to quantum computing for the entire society. The efforts of developing quantum computers will lead to mathematical optimization problems, basics to plan transport routes, logistics, to optimize financial systems or clinical trials.

In its third edition, Exponential Day represents the benchmark event in business disruption and transformation in Catalonia. This event has been created to give visibility, inspire and learn about the most disruptive companies and trends that are changing the status quo in a particular industry.


Qilimanjaro one of the Spanish pillars of the quantum revolution

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech has been highlighted in the economy section of Spanish newspaper ABC on July 6, 2021, as one of the thriving startups, set to construct the next big technological disruption.

Qilimanjaro´s co-founding partners, Victor Canivell and José Ignacio Latorre, are interviewed in this article about the singularities and vision behind the creation of this start-up.

Victor Canivell, the acting CEO, discusses Qilimanjaro´s open-source software, the Qibo system, and their commitment to its widespread use for accessing quantum computers.

José Ignacio Latorre, quantum physicist and chief science officer, shares the vision for the creation and development of Qilimanjaro, a startup committed to global inclusion over the existence and use of quantum technology “the more quantum computers on the planet the better”.

Read the full article here and learn more about the value proposition of this startup built on humility and talent, where curiosity plays a fundamental role.


La computació quàntica a l’abast de tothom gràcies a la col·laboració entre Qilimanjaro i els Doctorats Industrials

Qilimanjaro is deeply engaged with the training of new talent. For this, we foster many doctoral students in collaboration with their universities. AGAUR, from Generalitat de Catalunya, has granted some of these students with scholarships so they can develop their doctorate with full resources.

AGAUR has released an article explaining the deep collaboration between institutions and what does it mean for the students to be part of it. You can read it here.