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We offer internship positions to join the hardware team at Qilimanjaro.

At Qilimanjaro, we operate superconducting qubits, which are electrical circuits behaving as artificial atoms which resonate at the microwave frequency domain. Qubit operations correspond to microwave engineered pulses which rotate the qubit state at will. The qubits are fabricated in cleanroom environments and are tested and prototyped much like semiconductor-based technology. In this project, the intern will join the quantum hardware team at Qilimanjaro to carry out specific tasks related to device design, fabrication, test, verification and simulation. 


  • Undergraduate or Master Student
  • Degrees: Physics, Computer Science/Engineering
  • Grades: Transcript showing a good academic track record
  • Good command of the English language (oral and written) 
  • Skills (desirable): theoretical physics, Python programming, high motivation for science, curiosity, eagerness to learn.

Offices: University of Barcelona Campus.

Starting date and duration to be agreed between both parties. Essential to mention in your application your availability regarding the duration of the internship.

EU work permit. Please mention in your application whether you will need an EU work permit to be arranged.

About Qilimanjaro:

Quantum computing will change the world but with current approaches, the true impact of quantum computers lies at least a decade away. We plan to offer true quantum computational power to solve industry critical problems, specifically in the area of optimization and machine learning, in a much shorter time frame.

The Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech SL startup company is the quantum spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC), the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Institute of High-Energy Physics (IFAE) that started operations in 2020 on the back of international customer multi-year contracts.

Qilimanjaro has brought together a great team of scientists with extensive training, knowledge and experience in international labs at MIT, Caltech, Waterloo in Toronto, Stony Brook and TU Delft.

Our integrated hardware & software team focuses on superconducting qubits for gate-based quantum computers to focus on timely and affordable quantum advantage, by designing next-generation analog quantum processors with high quality qubits, which do not require quantum error correction and can therefore be faster-to-market.

If necessary, an agreement with your University may be arranged.

Fill the application form below or send your resume, cover letter and academic transcripts to qilimanjaro@qilimanjaro.tech

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