Design Quantum Engineers

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to join our permanent staff.

At Qilimanjaro we work on superconducting-based quantum computers, both gate-based systems as well as our signature product, coherent quantum annealers.

Both project lines (gate-based systems and coherent quantum annealers) have multiple positions open and we are considering candidates from a master’s level and above. Your degrees and experience years may be counted into seniority.

Job description:

As a design engineer, your primary responsibility is to design superconducting circuits with suitably connectivity and coupling strengths proposed by the applications team, and optimize the electromagnetic properties using finite element simulation tools. You will collaborate with both our applications and fabrication teams in a co-design approach to maximize the value of your output. 


  • Master’s degree or above in quantum physics.
  • Good command of English language (oral and written)
  • Programming in python.
  • Electromagnetic simulation software (e.g., HFSS, CST, Maxwell, Sonnet).
  • CAD design for chip structures.
  • Experience in electronics (GHz and radio-frequency domains preferrable).

Any of the following skill will be valued:

  • Experience in cryogenics
  • Former experience in quantum technology laboratories.

Offices: Autonomous University of Barcelona Campus.

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