Qilimanjaro does Quantum Computing

Our mission is to build a unique first-to-market full-stack coherent quantum annealing computer with an easy-to-use advanced algorithmic toolset to effectively address complex optimization problems in multiple real-world industry use cases.

Quantum algorithms development

  • Algorithm consulting for real-world problems
  • Optimization challenges
  • Novel hybrid quantum/classical approaches
  • Unique Variational Quantum Eigensolver expertise

Easy-to-use software tools to help develop, run and access quantum algorithms

  • Address existing quantum hardware platforms
  • Development of HPC quantum simulators
  • Cloud access to quantum computing resources

Robust low-cost Quantum Computing platform

  • Long qubit coherence, low-system noise
  • High connectivity qubit architecture
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Quantum annealing programming: mapping mathematical models to device hardware
  • For hard combinatorial optimization problems